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The Brief

This is an open invitation to submit artwork created in response to any global LGBTQ+ issue you feel inspired by.

Whilst monumental progress in LGBTQ+ rights has undoubtedly been achieved over the past decades and recent years with the legalisation of gay marriage and anti-discrimination rights being enshrined in law, the struggle for many is still a reality. From the state-enforced disappearance and torture of gay men in Chechnya to the proposed death penalty for homosexuality in Brunei, LGBTQ+ people’s rights across the world are at best threatened and worst non-existent.

Let’s harness the power of art to change the world through positive protest, one fucking fabulous piece at time.

A selection of artworks will be printed and feature in our next exhibition and charity auction, to be held later this year at a central London location.


 How To Submit Your Work


Please send your work to

There is no limit to the amount of pieces you can submit.

All artwork should be submitted electronically at a minimum resolution of 300 DPI, the higher the better as it will ensure better quality if printed. Please state the optimum printing dimensions in your email. We can print up to A1.

If you wish to submit a painting or sculpture please email us and we will assess on a case-by case basis whether we can accommodate it at the auction.  

All artwork is submitted free of charge with the artist’s full consent that proceeds from the sale of the artwork will go a charitable donation of homopromo’s choosing. For more information please see our T&C’s.

A selection of artwork will be printed, exhibited and auctioned at a central London location.